Sunday, May 23, 2010

Our New Studio Gallery in Salida, CO

Note: There will be no "Sketch of the Week" this week or next week since our scanner is in another location.

My husband and I are opening a Studio Gallery on gallery row in Salida, CO next week. It is called Carl Bork Fine Art Studio Gallery. It will mostly have Carl's work but I will have quite a few paintings and needle felted figures in it as well. Here are some photos inside and outside our gallery. We will also be moving to Salida officially in June.

Also in the photo is the sign which will be hanging outside. Also a big thanks to Mike Bucher who helped to make this sign!

Here is my area which needs more paintings.


D.M. SOLIS said...

Beautiful! Congratulations on the new gallery studio! Peace and continued good things for you in your work and in life. Sincerely,

(writer and visual artist)

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joven said...

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tanja zamani said...

amazing congratulations!