Sunday, February 1, 2009

Sunday Feature: Presents!

Christmas and the other Holidays are now a memory but I wanted to feature the sellers I bought from this last Christmas. Before spring comes and then it will be way to late.

These absinthe soaps are made by the Etsy seller dennisanderson. He makes soaps, lip balm, shower gels and more. I bought soap from him for my mother.

This flask is designed and made by beccaroon on Etsy. She makes and designs flasks, mirrors, coasters, and many other items. I bought a mirror from her for my sister in law.

This is a duct tape wallet made by the Etsy seller DuctTuff. These wallet are incredible well made. I bought on for my dad for Christmas.

This card below is made by Papermenagerie of Etsy who designs wonderful cards and buttons like the one seen here. I bought holiday cards from her:

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VieiraGirl said...

Great items. I am sure everyone loved their presents