Thursday, January 22, 2009

The Performer: Process

I decided to document a few steps of my painting "The Performer". This painting goes along with a few other paintings of mine: The Writer and the The Musician and the Traveler.

This first step is after the drawing has been transfered onto canvas. The undercoat is thinly painted on and lines are painted in.

This second step is where the color is blocked in and I am starting to layer the paint from dark to light. The spotlights have not been painted in yet.
On the finished piece the layers are completed. The translucent spotlights have been painted in. The lines have been repainted as well.


nikatnoon said...

Hi there! I just found your blog in the Etsy forum...Your paintings are adorable! I will definitely be checking out your store!

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Sign ups end Jan. 29th...Come Play!


RitaSmeeta said...

Oh wow, that is really neat! I wish I could paint - I tried... but wasn't particularly successful! Hahaha, I think I lack patience ;)